Proposal Critique

Charlotte Jackson

Project Title / Area of Focus: [What is a system?]

For my main practice I aim to create a series of paintings to help me and my audience gain a better understanding of “systems”. To achieve this I will explore systems that are already in place, as well as creating my own. I am going to use acrylic paint on different types of surfaces to create systematically developed work and log each step I take so I can record the process. I also aim to make my own canvases rather than using shop bought ones due to the fact that bought canvases are too textured for some of the pieces I want to create. Home-made canvases will be better quality to paint onto as the material used is quite smooth and flat.

Research and Development Blog address:

I am going to use my blog to document what I have (or haven’t) achieved each week and use it as another way to log each step, research artists and reflect on my progress. I will make notes on information sourced from the internet and create a reading list to gather more in-depth research.

After Christmas I am going to travel to London to visit the art galleries (National Art Gallery, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery…) and hopefully other places such as Manchester, Liverpool and Wakefield.

The books I am currently reading are:

  • “Colour for the Artist” – Hans Schwartz,1968
  • “Theory And Use Of Colour” – Luigina De Grandis (Translated by John Gilbert), 1986
  • “Abstract Art” – Mel Gooding, 2001
  • “Colour After Klein” – Edited by Jane Alison, 2005


  • “’Systems’ Whitechapel: Documents Of Contemporary Art” – Edited byEdward A. Shanken
  • “’Failure’ Whitechapel: Documents Of Contemporary Art” – Edited by Lisa Le Feuvre


Since writing this proposal, I am not longer creating paintings, instead i will be creating a sculpture. I created two pieces after this work which can be seen in other posts. however, it was after this process that i realised i didn’t fully understand systems and the difference between systems and process art. So i began researching Natural systems as i had been thinking about looking at weather patterns and seasonal changes and came across the natural system murmurations and changed how the body of my work will progress.


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