Introduction to systems

At the beginning of my studio practice, I decided to continue on with my previous study of systems from second year. In my second year, I worked with geometry and number generator to create a system that helped the process of my painting. 

The photo above shows the system I decided to use first which was created with the use of a secondary source (a random page out of a magazine) and a grid. I created the grid accordingly to the size of the picture. I then focused on which colour was primarily located in the box and this would indicocate what colour to use. I created the painting on an A3 shop bought canvas which meant I had to create the grid in a larger scale on the canvas. I aimed to achieve a flat plain of paint which was quite hard to gain on a shop bought canvas due to the texture of the surface. It was from this painting that I decided if I was to create any more paintings with acrylic paint, I would either paint on MDF or a handmade canvas. This method of painting had relativity to pixelisation as well as the use of a grid-system. The painting reflected a simplified version of the image due to the placements of the colours. 

During the creation of this painting I realised the system could not be identified without a method to inform the viewer of the process. I began documenting each step I was taking, even documenting brands and sizes of paintbrushes, different makes of paint and mixing on paper to retian the palette. Also which colours and paints I was using to create secondary colours. I decided to do this as, in my opinion, it helps identify the process and it’s an interesting aspect to go alongside the painting. 

I looked at artists such as Keneth Noland and Frank Stella along with the ‘Color field painters’ at their methods of staining canvas and interest in geometric shapes and stripes. 


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