Experimenting With Wax

whilst testing different materials for my body of work. I wanted to introduce wax into my project. However, this didn’t work how i wanted it to. I wanted to create a smaller replica of the birds and used crayon through a glue gun to create them. but due to the fact that i couldn’t find the correct crayons (all black) it did not work the way i wanted it to.


I decided that because this didn’t work how i wanted it to, i move on to melt some wax and wanted to carve a bird out of the wax. I found old candles and wax crayons to melt on the hob in a pan.


The wax crayon didn’t melt well over the heat so instead, i only had a few old candles to melt instead.


(In the photo above, the shape that can be seen amongst the wax is the orange crayon that did not melt properly, with white wax over the top, which then pulled apart when trying to carve it)


This is the outcome of the melted wax. I chose a square bowl as i thought something square form would be easier to carve into rather than a circular shape.


I was happy with the outcome, however, when i started to carve into it, it began to crumble due to one of the wax crayons that i melted on to it, separating away from the candle wax. The aim was to have layers of colours visible in a carving of a bird. I didn’t continue with this idea, as i didn’t feel as though it was necessary for the body of work that I was creating and decided to stick with the monochrome look of my work.


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