Artist Research

For this artist research i decided to look at different ways artists use cages in their work.

Contemporary Sculpture " Hand In The Cage " 1

For this piece, it is not stated who it has been made by and is advertised on a collectors furniture website, however i think the idea behind it is interesting.

This is an installation by Jeppe Hein called ‘Cage and Mirror’. This is an interactive installation, meaning that viewers can actually enter the cage and experience the installation first hand. There is a large circular mirror that rotates placed in the centre to create and optical illusion as the guests walk around the inside of the cage.

A video in the link below shows guests walking around the installation to show you how the mirror works with the cage.


This is a kinetic sculpture made by Hobart Ray Brown called ‘Emily’. The artist made this piece for his daughter Emily and it is a kinetic sculpture made out of metal in the form of a hamster cage. It is currently for sale on a vintage’s website. During its time its home was in the Hobart Brown kinetic sculpture museum and gallery in California. Although this piece is very different to what i am going to create, it is still quite interesting and i love the shapes of all the different sections, the fact that it is an animal cage gives it more character.









This is an installation by Sara Jimenez from Anonymous Contemplations during the Final exhibition on the television show “Work of Art”. The cage was found in the streets of New York. There are 100 birds that are exiting the cage and are made out of paper using origami. They are used to symbolise setting secrets free. I love this piece, the message behind it is powerful and the layout with the way that she makes them look like they are rising to the ceiling is a beautiful visual illusion. I love the fact that the artist chose to keep everything white in connection with the peaceful theme of freedom.


This is a sculpture by Marguerite Derricourt called ‘Bird Cage’ and is made out of Wire and copper. This sculpture is interesting because the birds around the outside of the cage, when viewed on the photo, make it look like the birds are flying about inside of the cage. This is a similar illusion that i am trying to achieve with my sculpture but with hanging the birds inside and trying to make the movement visible without actually having to be moving.

In 2009, Michael Thomas Hill created ‘Forgotten Songs’. It is an installation of 110 empty birdcages surrounded by speaker that play bird calls. The bird calls are from some of the birds that used to be resident in Sydney but are now gone due to urbanisation of the area. Due to the popularity of the installation, residents demanded it be a permanent feature of the area, so the artists swapped the cages for 180 new rustproof cages and still features the bird calls.


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