I had been through many different ideas for my sculpture. I initially wanted to create a sculpture with the birds hanging in a form that would represent the shapes and patterns of the murmuration. I was going to make a mobile type sculpture that would rotate to create different shapes every time. My estimate for the amount of bird i would need was 50 birds. However, as previously stated, the casting didn’t began getting more difficult and i only ended up with 31 birds (32 including the first prototype).

After debating the sculpture for a while, and speaking to the tutors and other people in my studio, i decided i wanted to make a sculpture that was more controversial to my theme.

We talked about placing them all on the floor upside down to contradict the system. However, i decided to place the birds in a cage, some still hanging but a majority of them placed on the bottom, as if the rules that they follow have been intercepted due to the cage. The cage plays a “puppet master” role with two bamboo sticks crossed over the top, which were initially placed there to stop the mesh i used from stretching but played a bigger role in the sculpture than i originally intended.


I used a plastic mesh which i found in the garden of my student house, and cut out 8 pieces to the same size (30cm x 30cm) and hot glue gunned the sides together.

I glued 5 sides together, attached the bamboo sticks and then began hanging the birds, this was a difficult process due to the weight of the birds making the sculpture sag.

This can be seen below. To photograph the work in progress, i had to use a piece of string to hold the sculpture together so i could get a good photo of it.



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