Smoke Photography x2

I decided i wanted to try and take some more photos of smoke, but this time using specific videos projecting through the smoke. I found a video on YouTube which worked well for what i was trying to achieve, however because it was one block colour, it didn’t allow for any difference in the smoke shapes that were created.

This was the first video i used, but none of the photos were strong enough to use with my work. the incense was also flowing and rising too quickly to photograph, as a result, most of the images quality was too poor to do anything with.


above is an example of one of the images that didn’t work with this video. The fact that the smoke is full green was not what i was trying to achieve. I was hoping that the in-between changes of the colours on the video would add more colour to the smoke. so instead i found a different video which used a lot of colour and tried again.

This is the second video i used which worked well with the photos, as seen in the images below. It gave a northern lights effect, especially when the smoke started rising and twirling around slowly.


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