Degree show proposal

What is your anticipated work? (Please briefly describe your pieces).

My work for the degree show is two pieces which focus on the system created by starlings called, murmurations. The first will be a hanging sculpture which will involve a projector set up behind the piece to project a video through on to a blank space on the wall behind. The second will be a series of prints which will be placed in a similar way, on the wall, to the patterns created in murmurations.


What is the title of your work?



What is the medium of your work?

Cast resin, plastic mesh, cotton string, glue, bamboo sticks

(Still unsure how the prints will be displayed)


What are likely to be the measurements of your work? (e.g 20cm x 40 cm).

(cube sculpture) 30 x 30³

(prints) still unsure of the sizes


What is the intended presentation? Might there be specific hanging / installation requirements? 

A wall will display the prints and the video projection.

The sculpture will be hung a distance from the wall depending on the size of the wall provided. I will also require extra space behind the hanging sculpture to allow a projector to be set up.


What kind of work do you think might work well next to your work?

Sculpture based work and work that is primarily black and white (not vivid coloured work)


Where do you think your work might work well?

Against a studio wall or near a corner wall space


How much space would you like around your work? 

I would like enough space for people to walk around the sculpture without having to worry about knocking anyone’s work.



Are there any definite requirements for your work? (e.g. a dark room)

I will need a darker space for the projection, however I will still need to be able to see the prints.


Can you think of any other important requirements? 

I will need extension cables or access to wall sockets due to the fact I will need to plug in a projector and possibly a laptop.”


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