Artist Research

Below are some of the artists i included in my presentation that i have used as inspiration for my work.


Above is a sculpture by Andre Stead called ‘Swallows in Flight’. It consists of 1330 birds all placed in a murmuration style to create his own representation of this natural system focusing on movement and pattern. He uses mixed mediums and the birds look to be made out of perspex as seen on a video (seen below) that i watched of the making of the sculpture on youtube. The piece was commissioned by a restaurant owner to hang above the main dining area.

“The installation uses the movement of flight as an expression of vibrance and harmony” –



Above is a sculpture by Susan Benarcik and it is part of a series of works named ‘Sculpting Nature’. she uses uncommon materials to create shapes based from nature. The sculpture that can be seen above is made out of coat hangers to represent water droplets. I like her work because it is unusual and not something that i have seen before, especially not with the use of coat hangers to create something so beautiful.


Above is a sculpture created by Hew Loche called ‘El Dorado’ which is Spanish for “the golden one”As seen, he uses anything and everything to create these massive installations. In this particular sculpture, the artist has used children toys to create a sculpture of what appears to be the queen. fitting with the name of his work, he has made sure the primary colour that is noticeable is gold/yellow. I find pieces that use many different objects intriguing as there’s always going to be something new that you see within it. In this case, there will always be a new object that he has used that you may not of noticed the first time you view the piece. making the piece somewhat mysterious to the viewer. The mystery is what inspires me about his work.



Above is a print by Chris Humphreys called ‘winter’. The artists creates prints of birds amongst trees using woodcuts and different variations of printing methods. I thought his work linked to my because the prints that i created, even though they are not similar, are based off another topic that relates to birds and I was impressed by the detail and his intricacy.



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