Artist Research

Catherine Ulitsky is an artist who takes murmurations and turns them into geometric patterns. She takes photographs in Europe of starling murmurations and then paints with gouache on top of the photographs, literally turning the flight pattern into a geometric pattern. At first glance the black specks in-between appear as just black dots, but when you look closer, it is apparent that they are birds and it is at this point that you realise it is a photograph (as seen in the bottom image)

I am in awe of Catherine Ulitskys work as it helps, in my mind, to make the connections between my second year geometrical work, and my final year murmuration work.The author in the article (link at the bottom) by “the Jealous Curator” states that they “wish they had done it first”, I would have loved to create something like this also.

I believe this work connects to mine, as the artist has traced and followed the flight pattern of the birds. some of the keywords i talked about in my presentation fit perfectly with this artwork.

Keywords:Freedom, Choreography, Line, Follow, Movement, Pattern, Flow, Process, Trace, Shape, Mystery, Record”


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