Degree Show

Wall Space

Before placing my work up on the wall i played around with the layout first. I did not want it to be in a square, or in any specific order, just placed in a way that makes the space look as though they have moved towards the centre. I was also making sure i didn’t place any of the paintings next to each other and be cautious of where i was placing the photo prints.


I finally decided to place them on the wall space in a way that can be seen below.


I used a spirit level but other than that, i only made sure the spacings were even and that the pieces didn’t look too far away from one another. The positions were entirely random.


For my sculpture, my initial idea was to project a video through the sculpture onto a space that fit in with the pieces on the wall. However, i realised that doing this would lose the sculpture and i thought that it worked fine on its own.

I also realised that, because the sculpture is not that big and in a large space, it would be lost if it was just floating and it could get damaged if not seen. So after speaking to my tutor we decided it would be best to put it on top of a plinth, but still keeping the illusion that it is floating. I used fishing wire to hang the sculpture from the ceiling.

A few of the birds did fall off whilst carrying the sculpture to university and whilst attaching it to the ceiling, however, this has not effected the concept for the sculpture.



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